What is a typing test? Why you should take a typing speed test?

Here in this article we have answered following questions: (i) What is typing test? (ii) Why you should take a typing speed test? and, (iii) Benefits of doing so.

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What is a typing test?

A typing test involves checking how fast you can type. It is the most common way to assess the speed and accuracy of someone’s keyboarding skills. It is also known as a “touch-typing” test. Typing speed is usually measured in words per minute (wpm).

These tests are usually taken at work when the employer wants to know the speed of their typist, or when someone applies for a job that requires typing at high speeds.

In order to take a test, you have to type words from a given list as quickly as possible.

Most online tests will give you a score based on the number of words per minute that you type, which is usually calculated by dividing the total number of words typed by the time it took for the test.

A typing speed test can be given in both manual typewriters (not in use nowadays) and computer keyboards.

A normal person can reach speeds of 50-60 wpm, professionals who work in transcription may reach over 100 wpm (words per minute).

Why you should take a typing speed test? The benefits of doing so

The typing test can be a great way to assess a person’s ability to type. The test is usually given to ensure that the candidate has the ability and skills needed to do the job.

There is a consensus that typing speed is the most important keyboarding skill to measure.

A good typist can type much faster and with fewer errors than a slow typist.

If you have taken a typing speed test, it is important that you know your current words per minute (WPM) so you can measure your progress.

The test takes about 10 minutes (You can also select your custom duration for the test), so it’s worth completing if you are looking for a new position or just want to see what kind of speed you can achieve at home on your own keyboard!

The test is used to measure your average word per minute (wpm) and typing accuracy, measured as a percentage.

It also reveals where you need to improve or maintain your skills by letting you know how close you are to meeting or exceeding the minimum requirements for some positions.

The faster you can type, the better time you will have completing tasks. In this day and age, there are few professions that do not require typing speed.

If you want to get ahead in any career field, from law enforcement to marketing, from customer service rep to personal assistant – being able to type well will allow you more time for other aspects of your work life or personal life.

Benefits of taking a typing speed test

All of us have typed a document or a letter or some other text before, but for the most part we have not taken a typing speed test.

This is something that everyone can benefit from and will help you improve your typing abilities.

Some of the benefits of taking a typing speed test are as follows:

Tests your skills and ability

No matter what job or profession you go into, being able to type fast is going to be important. If you don’t have the skills to type quickly, you may not have the job.

Taking the typing test will show you how good you really are at typing.

Tests your movement

The typing test measures how many words per minute your fingers and arms can type. This test will be especially useful if you need to use your hands to move.


When you take a typing speed test, you can see whether or not you are meeting or exceeding your skill level.

If you are not, there are several other ways to improve your typing speed.

You can either take an online typing test, or you can find a teacher in your area to give you a private lesson.

Take a typing test to see if your skills are up to snuff.

Sure, there are other ways to monitor your performance in a job search, but when you are looking for a personal assistant, you are looking for someone who can multitask.

If you are unable to get along with other assistants or managers, this will prevent you from being able to accomplish your job duties to the best of your ability.

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