List of some computer shortcuts for faster keyboard typing speed!

You must be wondering how computer shortcuts will improve your typing speed. Well the answer is that work smarter and not hard, am I right? Improving your hands & wrist posture and learning typing techniques is the best place to start, But when you feel confident in those areas, you can use some keyboard shortcuts to further improve your typing speed.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of touch typing learning keyboard shortcuts can help you further improve productivity and efficiency because they reduce the number of clicks you have to make to execute certain functions.

Essential Windows Shortcuts

Ctrl + C Copy selection
Ctrl + V Paste selection
Ctrl + X Cut selection
Ctrl + Z Undo previous action
Ctrl + Y Redo previous action
Ctrl + B Bold selected text
Ctrl + I Italicize selected text
Ctrl + U Underline selected text
Ctrl + N Open new document
Ctrl + O Open existing document
Ctrl + S Save current document
Ctrl + P Print current document
Ctrl + F Search for keyword in document
Ctrl + Delete Erase last word typed
Alt + F4 Close window or application
F2 Rename file
F11 Go into and out of full-screen mode

Essential Mac Shortcuts

Cmd + C Copy selection
Cmd + A Select all
Cmd + V Paste selection
Cmd + X Cut selection
Cmd + Z Undo previous action
Cmd + Y Redo previous action
Cmd + B Bold selected text
Cmd + I Italicize selected text
Cmd + U Underline selected text
Cmd + N Create new document
Cmd + O Open document
Cmd + P Print current document
Cmd + F Search for keyword in document
Cmd + Tab Switch between open applications
Cmd + T Open new tab in browser or Finder
Cmd + Delete Erase last word
Cmd + Space Display Spotlight search field
Cmd + → or ← Move cursor before or after word


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