Hindi typing test details for the for the government exams!!

It is the dream of many Indians to get a government job. This is the reason that candidates have to face very tough competition to get a government job. But there are also some government jobs in which candidates are recruited on the basis of skill. Typing is one of the most important skills in various government naukri. You can differentiate yourself from the crowd by acquiring computer typing skill.

In addition to learning touch typing, it is important to check the typing speed regularly. Welcome to our online typing speed test and practice tool. Here you can check your Hindi KrutiDev typing and Hindi Mangal typing speed and skill.

Every year exam commissions like SSC, UPSSSC and other state SSC fill vacant posts in various government departments where Hindi typing is required.

In order to test the typing ability of the candidates, these commissions take the Hindi typing speed test along with the written test.

Speed ​​and accuracy are the most important factors for success in these typing exams. And it is best to check your Hindi typing speed and accuracy in any online typing test tool before the official typing exam, so that you can perform best in the exam.

In this page, you can check your Hindi typing speed and accuracy in Krutidev and Mangal font . Our online Hindi typing test tool is the best tool to know Hindi typing speed and accuracy.

You do not need to download any software and it is available online for free. With the Hindi typing speed test feature of our typing tool, you can easily check your current typing speed on the computer keyboard.

Types of Hindi Typing

There are many types of Hindi Typing, but if you are going to learn typing from the beginning, then you should focus on two types of Hindi typing. Whether it is a private office or a government office, Hindi typing is usually done in two ways.

  1. Unicode / Mangal Typing
  2. Non-Unicode / KrutiDev Fonts Typing

What are Unicode Font?

Unicode is a standard way of displaying text in computer displays, which define each of the text and symbols commonly used in today’s digital and printed media.

In Unicode, characters and symbols from different languages ​​are encoded in the system as a special code by character coding. Today, every Hindi text we see in the Internet is written in Unicode itself.

Mangal, Utsav, Kokila, Arial, Aparajita, Unicode MS etc. are some of the most popular unicode font used for Hindi typing, and of these Mangal font is the most commonly used Unicode font.

Unicode has 9 types of keyboards available for Hindi typing, but Inscript, Remington GAIL and Remington CBI keyboards are the most commonly used layouts.

Unicode Mangal font comes preinstalled with Inscript keyboard in Windows 7 and later updates. If we have to use Mangal font, all we have to do is enable it in our system.

What are non-unicode font?

Non-unicode font or legacy font allow us to type Hindi text from English keyboard, but the biggest problem of these fonts is that, the Hindi text typed in these fonts is actually an English text. It appears only in legacy font in Hindi. If another font is applied, your text will appear in few letters of English instead of Hindi.

KrutiDev and Devlys fonts are the two most popular legacy fonts for Hindi typing. Although both KrutiDev and Devlys belong to different font family, their typing interface is completely based on Hindi Remington Keyboard.

If someone practices typing on a KrutiDev font and is asked to type in a Devlys font, they can easily switch because doing so only renames the font, not the keyboard layout. The keyboard layout is the same for both fonts. These are not preinstalled like Mangal font in Windows, we have to install KrutiDev or Devlys font (at least one) in our system separately for Hindi typing.

About 600 fonts have been developed in KrutiDev and Devlys font family. But most legacy font typing is done on KrutiDev 010 font, so people usually know it as KrutiDev Hindi typing.

# Note: Hindi text written in KrutiDev only appears when at least one of the KrutiDev or Devlys fonts is installed in your system. If it is seen on mobile or any other computer that does not have fonts like KrutiDev or Devlys, it will show random alphabets of English instead of Hindi text and you will not be able to read it.

How to type Hindi KrutiDev Typing in computer using Hindi Fonts?
As we told you in the above post that for typing Hindi in KrutiDev font on your computer, KrutiDev font must be installed in your system. But if you are going to Typing KrutiDev Hindi for the first time, then you may initially find some difficulty in installing KrutiDev font. So here, we have given two ways for you how to install Krutidev font in your system.

How to install Hindi KrutiDev Font in Windows computer?

Let us now see how to install KrutiDev font in your computer so that you can start Hindi typing. You have to follow the steps given below to install KrutiDev Hindi font on your PC.

Method 1 – Direct Install

Step1: First of all you have to download KrutiDev Hindi Fonts from the link given above.

Step2: You can use 7Zip software to extract the downloaded Zip file.

Step3: Now right-click on the font of the size you want to install, eg if you want to install KrutiDev 010 in your system, right-click on it and then click on the Install button. KrutiDev Hindi Fonts are installed on your computer.

Method 2 – Through Control Panel

Step1: First of all you have to download KrutivDev Hindi Fonts in your computer.

Step2: After downloading them, you will need to extract this file. After extracting the zip file, you will see a .tff file copy.

Step3: Copy this .Tff file, we have to paste it into our computer.

Step4: For this you have to go to the control panel of your computer. On the control panel, you will see a font folder. You have to click on it.

Step5: After clicking on the Fonts folder it will open. Now you will see many fonts in it, these are already installed in your computer system.

Step6: Now we have to paste the .tff file which we have copied in step 2 to this folder. You can use the shortcut Ctrl + V to paste. As soon as you paste the file, KrutiDev Hindi Fonts are installed in your computer.

How to start Hindi Typing after installing Hindi font?

Now if KrutiDev Hindi font is installed correctly on your computer. So now you can start typing KrutiDev Hindi. But how, then we are going to give you information about it too. For this follow the steps given below.

Step1: First of all, you have to open any editing software in your computer, in which you want to type Hindi, for example – Microsoft Word.

Step2: Now before writing the text in it, you have to click on the font option. After clicking, many fonts will appear in front of you. From them, you have to select the Hindi font in which you want to type on the computer. And just start Hindi Typing again.

What is the keyboard layout of KrutiDev Hindi Typing Test?

The keyboard layout of KrutiDev Hindi Typing is called KrutiDev Remington or Hindi Typewriter Keyboard. The layout of this keyboard is like Hindi typing typewriter. The illustrated layout of the KrutiDev keyboard is given below.

Krutidev Hindi keyboard layout

Through this keyboard layout, people often do Hindi typing in Krutidev, Devils font. In many government exams taken by the Government of India or the State Government, Hindi Typing Test is done on this keyboard layout only.

You do not need to install any type of software for this keyboard layout. Whenever you start Hindi typing by installing software such as Krutidev Hindi font (MS Word, Wordpad) into your computer, your computer keyboard works as the Hindi typewriter keyboard layout.

What is the Mangal font in Hindi Typing Test?

Mangal font is commonly used with KrutiDev for typing Hindi in a computer. Mangal Hindi font is a Unicode font. This Hindi font is based on the Devanagari script.

Currently, Hindi Typing Test for many government and private sector jobs are conducted in Mangal font. Because of this, most of the students want to learn Hindi typing in Mangal font.

Earlier, Hindi typing practice was used in KrutiDev font, but currently the trend of Hindi typing in Mangal font has increased. If you want to learn Hindi typing then it is entirely up to you whether you want to learn Hindi typing in KrutiDev font or in Mangal font.

What is the keyboard layout of Mangal Hindi Typing Test?

Each language has its own keyboard layout for typing. In different types of layouts, various letters of the Hindi language are typed by pressing the special key of the English keyboard. Three types of keyboard layouts have been developed for typing Hindi in Mangal font on computer. as written below: –

  1. Remington GAIL Keyboard Layout
  2. Remington CBI Keyboard Layout
  3. Inscript Hindi Keyboard Layout

The keyboard we get while typing on KrutiDev / Devlys fonts is the Remington keyboard itself. But it is used for non-unicode typing, whereas we have to do unicode typing as per the instructions of the Government of India. So now unicode typing is being given importance in all departments.

So for users who already know Hindi typing, who have been typing on KrutiDev / Devlys font, they can do Hindi typing in Mangal font, for them Remington GAIL and Remington CBI Keyboard have been developed in Unicode, In which Unicode Mangal font has been used by removing non-unicode font like KrutiDev / Devlys.

Meaning both Remington GAIL and Remington CBI are Unicode typing keyboards. . The layout of Unicode Remington GAIL / CBI with Mangal font is almost similar to the layout of Remington KrutiDev font. The difference between these can be easily understood with good practice.

To enable Remington GAIL / CBI keyboard layout in computer, we have to download and install a software called Hindi Indic Input Tool. After installing this software, Hindi typing can be started on the Remington GAIL / CBI keyboard layout on the computer.

1. Remington GAIL is a Unicode keyboard, which is very similar to KrutiDev Remington (Non-Unicode) keyboard.

Yes, it is a must that the Remington GAIL keyboard has some different keys (buttons) from the KrutiDev keyboard, although the layout of the rest of the keyboard is the same.remington mangal keyboard layout

GAIL/ CBI layout – img source: typingsansar.com

From the picture, you will get the correct information about which button has changed the location in Remington GAIL. If you have looked at the picture carefully, you would have come to know that some changes have been made in Top Row i.e. Number Row.

The functions of the Remington GAIL and KrutiDev keyboards are also similar. Although the function of the Remington GAIL keyboard is based on grammar, it relaxes the rules of grammar. For example, when typing on the KrutiDev keyboard, the amount of ‘B’ is typed before the character. Similarly, when typing in the Remington GAIL keyboard, the amount of ‘B’ is placed before the character.

This is against the grammar rule, but is done so that users who are switching from non-Unicode typing to Unicode keyboard for the first time do not face any inconvenience.

2. While the Remington CBI is completely grammatical based, the amount of ‘B’ in it is to be typed after the character. Hence the Remington CBI layout also poses a problem for KrutiDev users. . This is why the Remington GAIL layout is most commonly used by users typing on KrutiDev.

# Note: The layout of the Remington GAIL and Remington CBI keyboards is the same, the only difference being that the quantity in GAIL is preceded by the characters as in KrutiDev, whereas in Remington CBI the quantity is placed after the characters.

3. Inscript ( IN dic SCRIPT ) keyboard layout has been developed by the Government of India to input Hindi and other Indian scripts. This is the standard keyboard for typing Hindi unicode with Mangal font. For this reason, in most SSC exams, Hindi Typing Speed ​​Test Exam is taken by this keyboard layout only, according to the information given by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), the illustrated layout of the inscript keyboard is given below.inscript keyboard layout

img source: typingsansar.com

This keyboard layout is brand new and does not match any of the old keyboard layouts. This means that if someone has learned Hindi speed typing in Mangal font on the Remington GAIL layout, then he / she will also have to learn typing again on its layout to do Hindi typing with the Inscript keyboard.

Inscript keyboard is also grammar based. If you are going to learn unicode Hindi typing then it will be a good option for you from Remington GAIL. Because the character arrangement of Inscript keyboard is such that it can be learned in a short time. It has all the vowels on one side of the keyboard while all the consonants on the other side. They are also arranged in such a way that a second character is placed with the same shift on one button like b with k, f with p, b with b. Vowels have been arranged in this way.

You do not need any other software to use this keyboard. It is preinstalled in every electronic device but to use it we need to enable it once in our system.

Now let us see how the Mangal keyboard is grammatically different from the KrutiDev keyboard?

With KrutiDev keyboard, if we want to write characters which are not given in the keyboard, then there are short cut keys for it. For example, if we j happened to write short cut keys for Alt + 0180, so we car happened to write short cut keys for Alt + 0216, that half f ( Tch ) writing was so short-cut keys for Alt + 080. Thus, to write a word from Kritidev keyboard, we have to write each of its characters (which is not in the keyboard) with the help of Alt Codes, for that we have to press many keys, this reduces our speed.

But by using Halant, we can create new characters by mixing keyboards like Mangal font (Remington GAIL / CBI and Inscript keyboard) which are grammar based. For example, if we revolutionized the writing does not need a shortcut keys for him but the post and the press car becomes. At the same time, if we had to write half f ( ch ), we would just have to put a halant after f and our ch would be written according to the grammar rule .

# Note: Mangal font also has some characters that can be created with shortcuts, but they are completely different from the shortcut keys of KrutiDev layout, and they are also less in number.

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